About Us

Omega Medical Associates is a multidisciplinary assessment centre and is led by the medical team of Dr. Harold Becker, primary care physician, Dr. Lisa Becker, physiatrist and Dr. Dory Becker, psychologist. We specialize in comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and forensic analyses of impairment and disability for clients of all ages who have suffered complex injuries. OM was established in 1992 and our team has completed over 10000 assessments since its inception.

Our Services Include:

  • OCF-19 Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment
  • Comprehensive Catastrophic Impairment Determinations & Rebuttal Evaluations
  • Single and Multidisciplinary Medical Legal Evaluations
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Tort Assessments All Specialties
  • Direct Onsite Hospital Consults for Form completion (OCF-19, GOS-E, PAEDS Automatic Designations).

Physician Led

Our assessments are overseen and completed by highly specialized and trained clinicians, our core team of physicians are integral to the assessment process from intake to service and report completion.


Consultation Services

Complimentary direct access to clinicians who can review your case and determine appropriate assessment and treatment recommendations to assist in the health management of your client.


Collaborative Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary team members work collaboratively to ensure proper evaluation of clients.


Central Access

Conveniently located in the 401 & DVP (404) corridor with ground floor access and ample ground and covered parking. Accessible by TTC.


All Ages

We have a specialized multidisciplinary team of experienced evaluators that can assess any age ranging from paediatric populations and young adults to geriatric clientele.


Facilitate Funding

Many of our assessments are typically covered by the Insurer. We can facilitate funding where requested and appropriate.